Expert Capital in Digital Marketing

About Us

In Brief

GigCapitol is a privately held investment and consulting company. The company, which is operated from Hong Kong, is focused on investments and consulting in startups and scaleups, as well as helping existing portfolio companies with strategic advice.

GigCapitol has active investments in more than 8 companies, which together employ more than 90 employees.


Our Story

The name GigCapitol contains an homage to our roots and is inspired by the daring journeys we share with the founding teams we back and reflects our growth with our partners from small “gig” to big “show”. Founded in 2014, GigCapitol evolved out of a single-LP fund started by a group of friends. The foundation of GigCapitol is now based on profits from own companies and Internet concepts, which since 2014 have been reinvested in startups and scaleups within various industries. The broad experience with diverse and successful companies has made GigCapitol the competent investment and consulting company it is today.


Our Service

Investment more than money.

At GigCapitol, we typically invest not only with capital but also take an active role in helping our portfolio companies with strategic advice, legal sparring, networking and experience.

We strive to become the leading value-added digital marketing solutions and services provider for entrepreneurs and their startup companies.

We have learned firsthand, as entrepreneurs ourselves, faced with market skepticism of building a company with passion and perseverance, that it is possible to endure, and achieve our goals. We count ourselves amongst you: great visionary entrepreneurs. On top of  surrounding yourself with the right people, the right partnerships, and strong financial allies, we know the first step to building any successful venture is  SALES, which is often overlooked by many startup founders. Our expertise and experience in digital marketing give our partners different solutions to capitalize their idea, generate SALES and accelerate their growth. We empower our partners to dream big.

We analyze, consult with our partners with our strategic advice and offer them technology/digital marketing solutions and resources to benefit from.

  • Marketing Affiliates Network: we are well connected to and have solid relationship with reputable affiliate companies around the world which will cooperate with our partners.
  • Technology Platform: we provide technology platform which excels in-
    -Ease of Use and Management
    -Open Standard
    -Adaptability to New Technology
    -Comprehensive Functionalities
  • Business Processes and Services: we help our partners to take advantage of data solutions and services within a short period of time with our well-defined business processes and quality customer support services.
  • Content/Games/Applications: a rich set of customized games, applications and infotainment packages.

GigCapitol enables you, the visionary entrepreneur, to take advantage of our innovative digital marketing and technologies (platforms, applications, and services) to accelerate your business growth. An investment from GigCapitol is, therefore, a valuable resource at several levels. We are here to stick by you through tough times to see you realize your vision of building the next big thing.